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The Foundation received original funding with a fair market value of approximately $13 million consisting of several parcels of real estate, securities and cash. The real estate was managed by the Foundation for many years until the last parcel was sold. As of 2014, the Foundation has made grants and contributions of over $77 million, and now consists principally of marketable securities, investments in a few real estate entities and cash, and has a present market value of roughly $74 million.

Additional financial information is available through

Current Board of Directors

  • Anthony Cameron
  • Jerrol L. Harris
  • Bruce W. Hart
  • Melvyn I. Mark
  • Steven A. Monosson
  • Fredric C. Nelson
  • Robert K. Taylor

Former Directors

  • Scott H. Dunham
  • Ellis Shook
  • Norman Eisner
  • John T. Seigle
  • William D. Crawford
  • Haskell Titchell
  • Dennis B. King
  • Ralph Preston
  • George D. Hart
  • Dwight L. Merriman, Jr.

Shirley Costello, Foundation Administrative Officer

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